Community Care Chaplains
Healing the community through compassionate care

Community care chaplains

Community Care Chaplains (CCC), through its pastoral care and counseling initiatives,  strives to build bridges  between community agencies/healthcare facilities and the community we live in; between people and spiritual issues; between our pastoral skills and the society’s needs. CCC promotes excellent standard of care  in chaplaincy services.  It  provides professional chaplaincy services to the community and quality clinical pastoral education program (CPE) to the community clergy and laity.

Other Services

Community Care Chaplains proivdes chaplaincy services to healthcare facilities. Our volunteers and professional chaplains are clinically trained to meet the critical psycho-emotional and spiritual needs of those who are in crisis. For more information, go to our services.

what we value

We value competence, compassionate care, individuals, and integrity:
-because we believe that competence is not only meeting standards of care, we believe in achieving competency through the quality clinical training program we offer to the community.
-because we believe in the healing of our community through compassion and communion, we are committed to delivering pastoral care in a most respectful and loving way.
-because we believe that persons are always more important than institutions.

Recovery of Soul

Our commitment in our training program is to provide the space for our trainees and clients to fully experience the recovery of soul. Themes in our training and formation:
- Art and Skills in Listening and Caring
- Pastoral/Theological Reflection
- Pastoral Diagnosis and Intervention
- Pastoral Leadership and Management
- Clinical Assessment
- Critical Self Reflection and Awareness
- Interpersonal Dynamics and Conflict Management
- Pastoral Conceptual Framework
- Pastoral Functioning
Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE/T) A professional, theological, and formational program for lay and clergy. Admission ongoing. Click here for more information.
CPE Spring 2015 calendar
Phoenix-based: 01-13-15 to 05-26-12
Tucson-based: 01-08-15 to 05-21-15
Distance Training: 01-12-15 to 01-25-15
SIT: Rolling Admission

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Our Goal

To provide a healing impact to our communities through compassionate, professional chaplaincy services.
We believe in facilitating persons in the recovery of one’s soul. We commit to equip ourselves and those in helping ministry with compassion and competence.
CPE Brochure 2012.pages
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